International News

VIDEO: Horse walks into police headquarters

BBC - Thu, 2014-10-09 04:58
Staff at Cheshire Constabulary's "mane" headquarters received a surprise four-legged visitor, leaving front desk staff with a mare on their hands.

School inspections more frequent

BBC - Thu, 2014-10-09 04:45
Schools in England will face more regular, light-touch inspections, but unannounced inspections will not become standard, says Ofsted.

Caption Challenge: Feel hungry punk?

BBC - Thu, 2014-10-09 03:31
It's the Caption Challenge. Oh yes it is.

Smashed Hits: God Only Knows

BBC - Thu, 2014-10-09 02:14
How Beach Boy Brian Wilson came to write God Only Knows.

VIDEO: GoPro makes surfer boss a billionaire

BBC - Thu, 2014-10-09 01:06
The tiny high definition camera called the GoPro has made its founder and chief executive a multi-billionaire after it was floated.

VIDEO: 'I managed to keep my head'

BBC - Thu, 2014-10-09 00:52
Nancy Birtwhistle, the winner of this year's Great British Bake Off, has told BBC Breakfast how she managed to 'keep her head ' to beat her two rivals in the final.

Farewell payday lenders, welcome loan sharks?

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 23:59
Farewell payday lenders, welcome loan sharks?

VIDEO: John Humphrys meets Johnny Rotten

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 22:00
The BBC's fearless interrogator comes face-to-face with the king of Punk.

Councils warn services to disappear

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 21:57
Key services will be dismantled and the "very fabric" of communities will be tested after a £146m budget cut, warn council leaders.

Anger as Ebola nurse's dog put down

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 21:48
Health authorities in Spain put to death the dog of a nurse infected with the Ebola virus in Madrid, sparking protests from animal rights groups.

VIDEO: 'My son joined Islamic State'

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 21:43
A Belgian man whose adopted son travelled to Syria to join Islamic State gives an insight into life with the militants.

Budget proposals to be discussed

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 21:32
Proposals for the latest round of financial allocations to the Stormont departments will be brought to a meeting of the executive later.

Care in England 'not good enough'

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 21:18
The chief inspector of adult social care at the Care Quality Commission tells the BBC "too much awful care" is happening in England.

Civilians suffer in Kashmir clashes

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 21:01
The BBC's Sanjoy Majumder and Shaimaa Khalil visit villages in the disputed region of Kashmir where at least 16 people have died in the worst violence in a decade.

Terror policing review put on hold

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 20:29
Home Secretary Theresa May postpones plans to review who should co-ordinate counter-terrorism policing until after the general election.

Vietnam tanker crew freed by pirates

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 20:19
A Vietnamese oil tanker which went missing last week was seized by pirates who stole some of its cargo before releasing the crew, officials say.

VIDEO: Far right on Facebook

BBC - Wed, 2014-10-08 19:46
The anti-immigration group with half a million 'likes'