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HIV home test kit goes on sale in UK

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 18:24
The first HIV self-test kit that allows people to get a fast result at home has gone on sale in the UK.

Rediscovered Bacon portraits unveiled

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 18:11
Two self-portraits by Francis Bacon are going on public display for the first time after being rediscovered in a private collection, before being sold.

How realistic is online voting at UK elections?

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 18:00
Why can't everyone vote online for their MP?

Small firms' letter praises Tories

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 17:56
A letter signed by the owners of 5,000 small firms calls for the Conservatives to be "given the chance to finish what they started", as Labour accuses the Tories of "letting down" business.

VIDEO: Clean-up after Chile's Calbuco volcano

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 17:49
Clean-up efforts are continuing in Chile, after the Calbuco volcano erupted on Thursday.

Chile volcano remains unstable

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 17:46
The eruption of the Calbuco volcano in southern Chile has calmed but the authorities fear further activity and possible mudslides.

Memorial for anti-war campaigners

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 17:23
A memorial to those who campaigned against the Great War more than a century ago is to be unveiled in Glasgow.

'Death star' welcomes first patients

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 17:22
The UK's newest hospital, the £842m South Glasgow University Hospital, is due to welcome its first patients later.

Campaigns step up with 10 days to go

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 17:20
Scotland's political parties are continuing to appeal for votes as the general election campaign period enters its final full week.

'Child abuse ongoing' victim warns

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 17:09
A victim of a sex grooming ring in Oxford believes the city's children are still being targeted by sex gangs.

Labour 'to help first-time buyers'

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 16:53
First-time buyers would be exempt from stamp duty when buying homes for less than £300,000 under a Labour government, Ed Miliband will say.

From the carbon bubble to 'dirty energy'

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:45
Five questions about keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

Does digital mean the end of history?

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:41
Has the digital transformation of society put the future of recorded history in jeopardy? Could we be heading for a "digital dark age"?

VIDEO: Smart card is 'wallet replacement'

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:39
The Stratos card aims to be a single credit-card sized replacement for all the existing cards in a person's wallet.

'Grief and fear amid the ruin'

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:28
Monday's newspapers focus on the efforts to rescue trapped survivors of the Nepal earthquake. And there is news of a Labour plan to cut stamp duty for first-time property buyers.

The best place for a traveller to fall ill?

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:25
Could this be the best place for a traveller to fall ill?

The photographer who captures the horrors of the Mediterranean

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:22
The photographer who shows the horrors of the Mediterranean

The woman who adopts dead babies

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:20
The woman who adopts dead babies found in the rubbish

America's place in a multi-polar world

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:10
The creation of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a stark reminder that the US is no longer the world's sole superpower.

The firm which can hire pop stars

BBC - Sun, 2015-04-26 15:04
The firm which can hire pop stars