International News

Discipline & assists: A new Suarez?

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 09:23
Unselfish and disciplined - how Luis Suarez has won the hearts of team-mates, fans and media since joining Barcelona.

VIDEO: Concern for migrant workers in Qatar

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 09:19
Human rights experts express concern for the conditions facing migrant workers in Qatar ahead of the World Cup in 2022.

Labour arts promise for schools

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 09:12
Ed Miliband says he would use Ofsted inspections to make schools put a greater emphasis on arts subjects.

Andy Coulson faces perjury trial

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 08:51
Former Downing Street communications director Andy Coulson is to stand trial in Scotland on a charge of perjury.

Pay body wants 3% minimum wage rise

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 08:39
The independent body that advises the government on the minimum wage is to recommend an increase of 3%, Business Secretary Vince Cable says.

UK soldier missing in Cyprus found

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 08:08
A solider alleged to have left his Cyprus base last week to join the fight against Islamic State has been found, the Ministry of Defence says.

VIDEO: Huge sinkhole opens up in Naples

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 08:04
A sinkhole has appeared in a suburban part of Naples after a water pipe broke and caused the road to collapse.

The forgotten Cambridge spy interview

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 07:53
A recording of Cambridge spy emerges from the archives

Pregnant MP hits back at job doubts

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 07:47
Labour's Rachel Reeves hits back at suggestions from a Tory backbencher that she would not be able to give a government job her "full attention", while expecting a baby.

Yemen rebels threaten to try cabinet

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 07:43
Shia rebels in Yemen threaten to arrest and try the prime minister and all members of his cabinet for treason if they refuse to return to work.

US funding stand-off over migrants

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 07:26
President Barack Obama and Congress are at loggerheads over homeland security's $40bn (£26bn) budget, with time running out to secure a deal.

Osborne: Labour 'arsonists' over HSBC

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 07:23
Chancellor George Osborne likens Labour to "arsonists throwing rocks at firefighters" over HSBC, as he defends the government's record on tackling tax evasion.

Riots shut Texas prison

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 07:22
Prison officials in south Texas are transferring hundreds of inmates after the men took control of the facility and set fires.

Kenya anti-terror law thrown out

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 07:05
Kenya's top court throws out key aspects of new anti-terrorism legislation, including clauses that curbed media freedom and capped refugee numbers.

Chelsea fan's parents back their son

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 06:46
The parents of an ex-police officer and Chelsea fan involved in an alleged racist incident on the Paris Metro say they are "shocked and worried" for him.

Pakistan school attack suspect held

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 06:43
The Pakistani military arrests a man suspected of planning December's attack on a school in Peshawar, which killed at least 150 people.

Maldives ex-leader denied bail

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 06:39
A court in the Maldives denies bail to former President Mohamed Nasheed who was arrested on Sunday under anti-terror laws.

Soldiers killed by 'friendly fire'

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 06:33
Two UK soldiers were killed in "friendly fire" in Afghanistan when they were hit by an anti-tank missile attack ordered by their Danish counterparts, an inquest hears.

Church jobs low pay 'embarrassing'

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 06:21
The Archbishop of Canterbury says it is "embarrassing" the Church of England pays some staff less than the living wage - despite its calls to the contrary.

Ofcom probe Channel 4's UKIP drama

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-23 06:18
Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom says it will investigate Channel 4 drama UKIP: The First 100 Days after it received more than 5,000 complaints.