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Williams to face Sharapova in final

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 21:15
Serena Williams faces Maria Sharapova in the Australian Open final after the pair won their semi-finals in straight sets.

VIDEO: Care: 'You have to be cold-hearted'

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 21:11
Alex's Adamou's mother Andriani is 61 years old and has dementia.

'No interest' in care insurance

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 21:00
There are no plans for any insurance products to help people plan ahead for their care needs in old age, leading firms tell the BBC.

Ebola virus mutating, scientists say

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 20:55
Scientists tracking the Ebola outbreak in Guinea say the virus has mutated and they are investigating if it could become more contagious.

EU to debate fresh Russia sanctions

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 20:16
EU foreign ministers are due to meet in Brussels to discuss imposing further sanctions on Russia amid an upsurge in fighting in Ukraine.

Nintendo halves annual profit target

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 18:53
Nintendo's operating profit grew nearly 50% in the last quarter but it was not enough to keep the game-maker from slashing its full year target.

Nuclear scientist jailed in US

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 18:33
A former nuclear scientist in the US is jailed for five years for trying to pass nuclear bomb-making secrets to Venezuela.

Commons to debate Iraq report delays

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 18:18
MPs will express their dissatisfaction with the progress of the official inquiry into the Iraq War, in a Commons debate.

Is fracking viable at current prices?

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 17:45
Could companies welcome delays in UK fracking?

Saudi Arabia and an uncertain future

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 17:28
BBC editor Jawad Iqbal

Afghan economy stagnates amid political deadlock

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 17:25
Four months after the inauguration of a new president, Afghanistan is still without a government and could face zero growth in 2015.

Apps let parents 'spy' on their kids

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 17:19
Apps let parents spy on their kids

Could Greece prompt wholesale change in Europe?

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 17:15
The triumph of Syriza in Greece could lead to renewed tensions - and widespread political change - across Europe, says Mark Mardell.

VIDEO: An immigrant's struggle to assimilate

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 17:09
Roger Cohen's memoir tells the story of his mother's journey from South Africa and her struggle with mental illness.

The new banks you cannot speak to

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 17:02
The new banks you cannot speak to

Rae Morris: The pop star who wanted to be a waitress

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 16:54
Meet Rae Morris, the pop star who wanted to be a waitress

Will the UK's gas holders be missed?

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 16:46
Will the UK's iconic gas holders be missed?

App links sighted helpers with blind people

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 16:45
New app gives blind people help to see

How Russia outfoxes its enemies

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 16:39
The art of 'maskirovka' - how Russia keeps enemies guessing

China's super-rich communist Buddhists

BBC - Wed, 2015-01-28 16:35
Is China bringing Tibetan Buddhism in from the cold?