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E-cigarettes: Debate - and confusion - is natural

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:09
Nick Triggle: ;Not enough is known to resolve the debate

Army reforms 'risk manpower gaps'

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:09
The Army faces manpower "gaps" unless ministers step up their drive to recruit more reservists, MPs warn.

Innovate or face business extinction

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:09
Stark choice for big firms: Change or face extinction

VIDEO: Inside the mission to Mars

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:08
Incredible images from the Curiosity Rover

The elephant that flew

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:04
The story behind an amazing video of an elephant in a plane

Greens promise 'progressive' choice

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:01
The Green Party promises a "progressive alternative" to Labour and the Lib Dens, as its conference begins.

Bank customers to sign in with veins

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:01
A new way of accessing bank accounts is being launched, which identifies individuals through the unique pattern of veins in their fingers.

E-cigarette criticisms 'alarmist'

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:00
Warnings about e-cigarettes are "alarmist" - and increasing their use could save thousands of lives a year in the UK, researchers say.

Four Cardiff Nato protest arrests

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:00
Four people are arrested in Cardiff during a demonstration against the Nato summit which is being held in Newport.

VIDEO: Finger scanner for internet banking

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 15:00
People could be able to get into their internet bank accounts just by putting their fingers into a portable scanner.

US ex-governor guilty of corruption

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 14:59
The former governor of the US state of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, and his wife are convicted of corruption, after receiving gifts in return for endorsements.

Bombs kill at least 20 in Baghdad

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 14:51
Two separate bombs in Iraq's capital Baghdad leave at least 20 people dead and dozens more injured amid rising sectarian tension in the country.

Woman, 82, 'beheaded' in garden

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 14:48
An 82-year-old woman is killed in a suspected beheading in the garden of a north London house.

VIDEO: Will Nato allies unite against IS?

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 14:09
Leaders meeting at the Nato summit will be discussing ways to tackle Islamic State fighters, as Jeremy Bowen reports.

Two boys found dead in County Cork

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 13:48
The bodies of two children have been found in County Cork.

Hodgson defends England outburst

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 13:30
England manager Roy Hodgson defends his angry response to criticism of the performance against Norway at Wembley.

India on alert after al-Qaeda video

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 12:58
India issues a security alert following the release of a video by the head of al-Qaeda announcing the formation of an Indian branch of the group.

Medics at fault in Oklahoma execution

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 12:30
A report into a botched execution in Oklahoma in April finds medical staff failed to place and monitor an intravenous line properly.

Tony Abbott's foreign policy foray

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 12:23
Is Australia's Tony Abbott becoming a foreign policy player?

Comedian Joan Rivers dies aged 81

BBC - Thu, 2014-09-04 12:11
Television host Joan Rivers, best known for her acerbic wit, has died in New York, says her daughter, a week after suffering cardiac arrest during surgery on her vocal cords.