International News

Wales suffering 'obesity epidemic'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 09:36
Health Minister Mark Drakeford says the level of sugar in food should be regulated.

VIDEO: Hunt for needle in haystack 'is art'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 09:30
Palais de Tokyo director Jean de Loisy explains why Italian performance artist Sven Sachsalber is trying to find a needle in a pile of hay in a contemporary art gallery in Paris.

Is comet landing mission worth the cost?

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 09:29
At a price of 1.4bn euros, is Europe's Rosetta mission to a comet really worth the cost?

VIDEO: Medomsley centre staff interviewed

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 09:17
Former wardens at a youth detention centre have been interviewed by police investigating claims a paedophile ring operated there.

Footage shows lorry motorway U-turn

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 09:16
Footage is released showing a lorry driver performing a U-turn on a motorway after driving the wrong way up an exit slip-road.

House to vote on Keystone XL pipeline

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 09:05
The House of Representatives is set to approve a bill that would force the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

VIDEO: Helicopter hunt for tiger on the loose

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:56
A young tiger, believed not to be dangerous, is the subject of a helicopter search by the French emergency services just outside Paris.

VIDEO: Footage shows lorry motorway U-turn

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:54
Footage is released showing a lorry driver doing a motorway U-turn after driving the wrong way up an exit slip-road.

Frenchman jailed for Syria jihad

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:40
A Frenchman is jailed for seven years for joining an Islamist militant group in Syria - the first such sentence in France.

Major to Europe - Cut immigration or the UK may leave

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:31
He was the man who said that Britain's place was at the heart of Europe, the man who watched his party riven by divisions over the issue and the man who says he has not "a shred of doubt that the United Kingdom is far better off inside the European Union".

La Liga best in the world - Moyes

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:19
David Moyes says La Liga is better than the Premier League as he is unveiled as Real Sociedad manager.

Amazon and Hachette settle dispute

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:18
Internet giant Amazon and book publisher Hachette resolve a bitter months-long royalties dispute that has delayed orders of several high-profile titles.

Your greatest sporting records

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:16
After Rohit Sharma's 264 for India against Sri Lanka set an ODI record, we asked you to tell us your favourite #greatsportingrecords

VIDEO: Is Syria opposition near collapse?

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:15
Syrian rebels in the north of the country have been fighting government forces for three years, but the growing strength of the so-called Islamic State and al-Qaeda linked groups has made their struggle ever more desperate.

Plastics and premature baby warning

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:14
US researchers warn that premature babies are being exposed unnecessarily to high levels of a potentially dangerous chemical in plastics.

McArthur and McCarthy ruled out

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:10
Scotland's James McArthur joins Republic of Ireland's James McCarthy in missing Friday's Euro 2016 qualifier.

VIDEO: France as a refuge from Syria's war

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 08:02
The BBC's Fergal Keane follows the journey made by two families from war-torn Syria, as they seek refuge in France.

Heavy rain causes flooding across NI

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 07:59
Heavy rain causes flooding across various parts of Northern Ireland on Thursday.

EC rejects Celtic land deals claims

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 07:58
The European Commission dismisses claims that Celtic Football Club broke EU rules in land deals involving Glasgow City Council.

IS issues 'message from leader'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 07:54
Islamic State releases an audiotape it says was recorded by its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, days after reports he had been killed or injured.