International News

VIDEO: Video shows mafia initiation ritual

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 07:57
Anti-mafia police have released unprecedented secretly-filmed footage of an initiation ritual.

Why is the Keystone XL pipeline so disputed?

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 07:53
As the US Congress debates legislation to approve the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, the BBC look at the history of the long-in-development project.

Iraq troops reach Baiji oil refinery

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 07:50
Iraqi security forces reach the besieged Baiji oil refinery after five months of fighting Islamic State militants in the area.

Organic molecules detected on comet

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 07:48
The Philae lander has detected organic molecules on the surface of its comet, scientists have confirmed.

Bombardier wins £145m Gatwick deal

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 07:40
An order to build more 100 trains for the Gatwick Express line will safeguard jobs at Bombardier's Derby plant, a company spokesman says.

Man charged over 'hit and run' death

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 07:27
A man is charged over the death of 11-year-old Sophie Brannan who was knocked down by a car in Maryhill area on Friday.

Fifa in World Cup criminal complaint

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 07:10
Fifa lodges a criminal complaint over the awarding of the hosting rights of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

Long-haul future for Cardiff Airport

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 07:04
Cardiff Airport's future lies in long-haul flights, not competing with Bristol on closer destinations, Carwyn Jones tells AMs.

Russia satellite can chase in space

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 06:57
Russia may be testing a satellite capable of chasing down and inspecting other orbiting spacecraft, experts say.

Post Office facing strike action

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 06:52
Post Office staff who work in the company's supply chain back strike action in a row over pay, with the union warning a pre-Christmas strike is "inevitable".

Hillsborough commander 'apologises'

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 06:20
The senior officer in charge of policing at Hillsborough says he feels as if he "should apologise" for his actions on the day.

Bird flu strain on UK farm identified

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 06:14
The strain of bird flu found on a duck breeding farm in East Yorkshire is identified as H5N8, the same highly contagious type seen in recent outbreaks in Netherlands and Germany.

Police investigated over Rotherham

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 06:14
Ten South Yorkshire officers to be investigated over handling of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, IPPC says

Labour wants longer EU benefit delay

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 06:10
Jobless migrants from the EU would have to wait two years before they can claim out of work benefits, under new plans proposed by the Labour Party.

NFL suspend Peterson without pay

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 06:08
Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson is suspended for the rest of the NFL season without pay.

Guard tells of Highland Show death

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 05:55
A security guard at the Royal Highland Show tells a court how he tried to save a young boy after a concrete bollard fell on his head.

Who are sport's highest earners?

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 05:36
As baseball player Giancarlo Stanton signs a £208m contract, BBC Sport looks at how he compares to sport's highest earners.

VIDEO: Public Accounts Committee

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 05:27
MPs hold an evidence session as part of its inquiry into school oversight.

What explains the continuing fascination with Charles Manson?

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 05:23
Why are people still so fascinated by Charles Manson?

Doha wins bid to host 2019 Worlds

BBC - Tue, 2014-11-18 05:13
The Qatari capital Doha is to stage the 2019 World Athletics Championships after beating bids from Barcelona and Eugene.