International News

Help to quit broadband contracts

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 16:11
UK watchdog Ofcom's new chief reveals a plan to help broadband users quit their contracts if their internet speeds are too slow.

Tories to sell off more of Royal Mail

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 16:06
The government will sell half of its remaining shares in Royal Mail, and give a further stake to employees, Chancellor George Osborne said.

In the shadow of Magna Carta

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 16:03
Daniella Zalcman's photographs of Runnymede Eco-Village, a stone's throw from where the Magna Carta was sealed.

Grant to revamp Livingstone centre

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 16:02
Plans for a multi-million pound revamp of a museum dedicated to Scots explorer and missionary David Livingstone are awarded £334,000.

Airport expansion: Heathrow v Gatwick

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 16:02
Will it be Heathrow or Gatwick airport that gets the green light for expansion?

Weeks of disruption on the trains

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 16:01
Train passengers in Scotland's central belt face weeks of disruption from this weekend when work begins on the Winchburgh tunnel.

North Sea confidence 'at record low'

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 16:01
Contractors' confidence in the North Sea oil and gas industry is at a "record low", according to a survey.

Hungary's problem with extremism

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:59
The rise of the nationalist Jobbik party is inflaming passions in Hungary, says Jawad Iqbal.

Inside a Texas biker gang funeral

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:56
Inside the funeral of a member of a Texas biker gang

VIDEO: Making the 'American Serengeti'

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:52
Why ranchers are up in arms about a bison preserve

'We are the child': the anti-Assad slogan spreading across the Middle East

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:46
The anti-Assad slogan spreading across the Middle East

Police in murder probe photo blunder

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:46
Police apologise to a man whose photograph was wrongly issued during a murder investigation after a torso was found in a suitcase.

Osborne considers £5bn tax credit cut

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:42
The government is considering reducing tax credits for millions of working families as part of its £12bn welfare cuts, the BBC understands.

The pitched battle over the European Games

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:34
The online war over human rights and the European Games

RBS sell-off and Malaysia mountain 'prank'

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:23
Plans to sell the government's stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland at a loss, and the case of four backpackers held in Malaysia after stripping on a mountain are among Thursday's top stories.

The men taking their wives' names

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:21
The men taking their partner’s surnames.

VIDEO: Eritrean cyclist's hopes for le Tour

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:12
Natanael Berhane from Eritrea is hoping to become one of the first Africans to compete in the Tour de France.

'McClaren under unique pressure'

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:10
Following his England humiliation, Steve McClaren is under more pressure than most to bring back the smiles to St James' Park.

VIDEO: Pakistan's cave-dwelling community

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:07
Shaimaa Khalil meets a community of people in Pakistan who live in man-made caves.

Mexican wrestling grapples with future

BBC - Wed, 2015-06-10 15:03
Mexican wrestling grapples to secure a bright future