International News

Syria strikes 'kill 1,100 militants'

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 06:43
Three months of US-led air strikes have killed at least 1,171 people, mostly Islamic State militants in Syria, a UK-based monitoring group says.

Man in disabled bay tow stand-off

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 06:33
A driver who parked in a disabled bay in Birmingham is in a five-hour stand-off with the council after refusing to get out of his car to stop it being towed away.

Comedy writer Jeremy Lloyd dies

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 06:31
Jeremy Lloyd, creator of BBC comedies 'Allo 'Allo! and Are You Being Served?, has died aged 84, his agent says.

RBS steps up its forex inquiry

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 06:28
The RBS banking group has withheld bonuses from 18 of the staff it is investigating for their possible role in rigging the foreign exchange market.

Gutierrez 'could return in January'

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 06:17
Jonas Gutierrez could return to Newcastle's first team in January after overcoming testicular cancer, says boss Alan Pardew.

Man jailed for knocking boy off bike

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 06:08
A man who left his 11-year-old cousin with serious head injuries when he knocked him off his bike is jailed for two years.

US childhood 'safer' than in 1970s'

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 06:08
Children in the United States are safer but also much more overweight than in the 1970s or 1990s, according to a long-term tracking study.

Man admits £2m heiress blackmail

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 06:02
A 37-year-old man from St Ives pleads guilty to trying to blackmail US heiress Haley Meijer out of £2m.

Christmas closures - plan ahead

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 05:50
On the twelfth day of Christmas...could we be hitting the phones trying to get a GP appointment or turning up at our local surgeries?

NI deal brokered on financial aid

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 05:49
A broad agreement is brokered on some key issues in the cross-party Northern Ireland talks.

Ex-teacher Napier jailed over abuse

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 05:46
Former teacher Charles Napier is sentenced to 13 years in prison for sexually abusing 21 boys between 1967 and 1972.

New BBC Wales HQ plans go forward

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 05:41
Plans for a new city centre headquarters for BBC Wales go forward to Cardiff council.

VIDEO: N Korea back online after 'attack'

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 05:25
North Korea's internet is back online after it was completely shut down for almost 10 hours on Monday, the BBC's Stephen Evans reports.

VIDEO: 'Candles replace Christmas lights'

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 04:55
A teenager and her grandparents are among six people who were killed in Glasgow on Monday after a bin lorry careered out of control.

US economy growing at faster pace

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 04:49
The US economy grows at an annual rate of 5% in the third quarter, its fastest pace for 11 years, official figures suggest.

Quiz: How 2014 crazy are you?

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 04:38
How many 2014 crazes sucked you in?

Ear bite street fight man jailed

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 04:36
A 24-year-old who bit off part of a man's ear in a fight outside a Dundee club is jailed for more than two years.

AUDIO: 'Beetroot no alternative to lipstick'

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 04:28
Historian Sally Pointer opposes a Russian politician's claim that beetroot is a suitable alternative to lipstick.

Police search for death crash man

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 04:18
Police search for a man who was in a car with Glasgow woman Faranza Kousar when it crashed on the A74 (M) killing her.

Footage released of sword robbery

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 04:03
CCTV footage of an armed robber brandishing a sword at two women working in a County Antrim filling station is released by police.