International News

Multi-billion pound plans for rail

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 20:27
Plans to overhaul transport across the North of England, including multi-billion pound rail schemes, are being laid out by the government later.

Asian shares dip on strong US dollar

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 20:17
Asian stocks are mostly lower after the US dollar recoups most of its losses following the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Boko Haram 'getting weaker'

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 19:48
President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has told the BBC he is confident of victory in the fight against Boko Haram, and hopes all the territory the jihadists have seized will be recaptured within a month.

Dench to star in election night drama

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 19:45
Dame Judi Dench is to star in a ground-breaking new stage play set in a fictional polling station on UK election night.

Isaac Newton royal medal discovery

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 19:36
A student at Oxford University has found that a coronation medal was personally designed by Isaac Newton and includes a political message.

How Malcolm Fraser changed Australia

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 19:28
Malcolm Fraser, the Australian leader who embraced multiculturalism, fought for human rights and created key judicial institutions.

In pictures: Liminal Space

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 19:22
Sarah Lucy Brown's photographs of the Suffolk coastline.

Can religion and science bury the hatchet?

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 19:20
A new initiative aims to increase understanding between religion and science, where often mutual suspicion is the order of the day, says Caroline Wyatt.

Arterton and Reynolds find horror voice

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 19:15
Reynolds and Arterton on quirky horror flick The Voices

Finding friends when you're disabled

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 19:11
Why do so many disabled people feel lonely?

EU links Russia sanctions to truce

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 18:49
EU leaders agree to keep sanctions on Russia over its role in the Ukraine conflict until the end of 2015 at the earliest, tying them to a truce deal.

Online farm payment system abandoned

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 18:45
A multi-million pound government IT system to process EU subsidy payments for farmers has been largely abandoned following "performance problems".

Sex crime suspects 'need anonymity'

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 18:13
The names of sex offence suspects in England and Wales should not be made public unless they are charged, a cross-party group of MPs says.

'Ebola-proof' tablet device developed

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 18:09
A tablet device that can withstand being doused in chlorine has been developed to help doctors caring for patients with Ebola.

What should the UK do about foreign aid?

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 18:06
The UK is about to agree legislation committing it to ringfencing 0.7% of gross national income to international development spending. Prof Henrietta Moore on the way forward.

The people who are not guilty by reason of insanity

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 18:02
Louis Theroux meets people not guilty by reason of insanity

Russians count cost a year after Crimea

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 18:00
A year after Russia took over Crimea, Richard Galpin in Moscow meets people hit by economic crisis and counts the cost for Russians.

Acapulco struggles to shed violent image

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 17:47
Acapulco goes from Hollywood resort to crime hotspot

Quiz of the week's news

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 17:44
Which star's journey to Hollywood began in Ramsey Street?

Skywatchers await solar eclipse

BBC - Thu, 2015-03-19 17:26
Millions of people could witness the best solar eclipse in years in the UK and northern Europe later, with large areas set to go into deep shadow.