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One woman's journey from Syria to Sweden

Marketplace - American Public Media - Wed, 2015-09-02 12:36

The BBC's James Reynolds followed one woman, Nour, from Syria as she makes the journey to Sweden to seek asylum. Listen to Reynolds' story on the audio player above.

Trump: Jeb Bush Should Be 'Speaking English'

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 12:32

In a newly-published interview, Donald Trump reportedly said Bush should "set the example."

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Former NFL Player Lawrence Phillips Is Charged With Murder

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 12:18

The new charges filed against Phillips, 40, stem from the death of his fellow inmate at the Kern Valley State Prison in California this past spring.

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Lego's tiny bricks are bringing in huge profits

Marketplace - American Public Media - Wed, 2015-09-02 12:04

For Lego A/S, everything is, in fact, awesome.

The company posted double-digit growth in the first half of this year, according to a report released Tuesday. Revenue was up 23 percent over the first half of 2014, when the brand was already enjoying a big boost from "The Lego Movie." Net profits were up by 31 percent, the company said, helped along by the weak euro and kroner. In fact, currency fluctuations alone accounted for a 5 percent jump in sales, though even without that, the results are impressive.


What's behind all this growth? Lego's perennial lines are still huge sellers, and its more recent "Ninjago" line — complete with a character named Kai, by the way — has been a runaway success, getting its own movie in a couple years along with "The Lego Movie 2." Lego also pointed to big sales for its new "Elves" sets and another huge movie tie-in: "Jurassic World."

This year will likely only get better for Lego. A new video game "Lego: Dimensions" comes out this month, along with the first wave of sets tied to December's new "Star Wars" movie. The line was already a bestseller in the decade since the last movie came out, and with Disney planning a new "Star Wars" movie a year, there will be no shortage of ships, characters and scenes getting the Lego treatment.

Compare all this to about a decade ago, when Lego nearly went out of business. In 2013, we spoke with David Robertson, who wrote the book on Lego's turnaround. The company had lucrative licences to make sets based on big movies, he said, but when "Harry Potter" wasn't in theaters, sales were stalling.

Part of Lego's turnaround came from new management, Robertson said, and rediscovering why the toys were beloved in the first place.

Is Marco Rubio The Candidate Republicans Date But Don't Marry?

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 11:59

Polls suggest GOP primary voters really like Rubio, but when it comes to casting a vote they seem less sure. Time might tell whether he can turn his paper appeal into real appeal.

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Spreading The Word: Obamacare Is For Native Americans, Too

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 11:37

Many Native Americans rely entirely on free care from the financially strapped Indian Health Service. Advocates say signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act can broaden their choices.

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5 Chinese Military Ships Spotted Off Alaska's Coast

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 11:16

The vessels from China's navy have been operating in international waters in the Bering Sea, U.S. officials tell The Wall Street Journal.

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Here's What We Know About The Kentucky Clerk Refusing Marriage Licenses

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 09:54

Kim Davis, a born-again Christian, has been divorced three times. When she won her seat for Rowan County clerk she took over for her mother, who held the position for 37 years.

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Hillary Clinton's Fight For Gefilte Fish

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 09:53

Among the thousands Hillary Clinton's emails released this week, there was a particularly fishy one.

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Why Are Migrants Surging Into Europe Now?

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 09:46

The steady stream of migrants in past years has turned into a torrent this year. Here's a primer on main forces at work.

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Dragnet Expanded For 3 Suspects In Killing Of Illinois Police Officer

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 09:10

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been searching the area around the community of Fox Lake, where Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was shot.

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Class-Action Suit Alleges Chipotle's GMO-Free Campaign Is Deceptive

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 08:59

The campaign claims the chain has removed all ingredients made with genetically modified organisms from its menu, with few notable exceptions. A lawsuit says the campaign amounts to false advertising.

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McDonald's: You Deserve A Hash Brown All Day

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 08:34

Every McDonald's restaurant in the U.S. will offer breakfast menu items all day, starting Oct. 6.

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California Moves To Stop Misuse Of Psychiatric Meds In Foster Care

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 08:02

There's ample evidence that children in foster care often get powerful psychiatric medications when other treatments would be safer and more effective. But those treatments can be hard to get.

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Sen. Mikulski's Vote Clears The Way For Obama's Deal With Iran

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 07:15

With the approval of Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski, announced Wednesday, President Obama has secured enough support in Congress to sustain his nuclear deal with Iran.

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U.S. Attorney General: 'This Violence Against All Of Us' Must End

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 07:11

Loretta Lynch condemned the shootings of law enforcement officers in Texas and Illinois, as well as other acts of violence in recent months.

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Sen. Mikulski's Support Ensures Iran Deal Will Withstand GOP Challenge

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 06:57

The Maryland Democrat became the crucial 34th vote needed to sustain President Obama's expected veto should Congress pass a measure to block the agreement.

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Why Freezing Didn't Keep Sushi Tuna Safe From Salmonella

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 06:55

Freezing is usually considered a way to make raw fish safer. But a recent outbreak of Salmonella in frozen, raw tuna used in sushi across the U.S. highlights the limits of the food-safety technique.

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Baltimore Court Begins Hearings On Freddie Gray Case

NPR News - Wed, 2015-09-02 04:00

Six police officers are charged in the arrest and death of Gray, who died of injuries suffered while in custody. A judge is considering a motion to dismiss the case.

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PODCAST: Waiting at Wal-Mart

Marketplace - American Public Media - Wed, 2015-09-02 03:00

On today's show, we'll talk about job growth in August; Wal-Mart's attempts to reinvent; and selling bonds during wartime to support U.S. efforts.