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Coming soon: New York's first men's fashion week

Marketplace - American Public Media - Thu, 2015-02-05 13:42

We cover Fashion Week pretty much every year to report on the latest and greatest in women's fashion from the runways in New York City. Or ... at least the business slice of it.

Today the Council of Fashion Designers of America announced the first New York Fashion Week: Men's coming in mid-July.

As one of our producers put it this morning, it'll be "... a bunch of dudes not wearing socks, showing their ankles."

Men's fashion weeks already exist in cities like London, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

On an unrelated note: RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Thursday. We told you so.


Video Of Jordanian Pilot's Death As Horrific As It Was Symbolic

NPR News - Thu, 2015-02-05 13:42

Robert Siegel talks to Dr. Dawn Perlmutter, director of the Symbol Intelligence Group, which specializes in analysis of symbols and rituals. She says fire is a common method of ritual murder in Iraq.

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Sony's Amy Pascal Steps Down In Aftermath Of Cyber Attack

NPR News - Thu, 2015-02-05 13:36

Audie Cornish talks to Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz about Amy Pascal. The Sony co-chairman will stay at the company to launch a new production venture.

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What's Inside The 28 Most Controversial Pages In Washington?

NPR News - Thu, 2015-02-05 13:33

Robert Siegel talks with former Sen. Bob Kerrey about the call for the release of withheld pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry into intelligence activities leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks.

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RadioShack, The Electronics Chain, Files For Bankruptcy

NPR News - Thu, 2015-02-05 13:31

The chain, known as the place you could find spare parts, hung on for years, but now plans to sell up to 2,400 stores nationwide.

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U.S. Could Stand To Lose A Lot By Getting Involved In Ukraine

NPR News - Thu, 2015-02-05 13:29

Audie Cornish talks to Rajan Menon, professor of political science at the Powell School of the City College of New York, about his Los Angeles Times piece, "Want to Arm Kiev? Better have a Plan B."

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Sweden's Immigrant Influx Unleashes A Backlash

NPR News - Thu, 2015-02-05 13:25

Long welcoming of refugees and asylum-seekers, Sweden is now seeing a backlash. An anti-immigration party is gaining strength, mosques have been fire-bombed, and anti-Semitism appears on the rise.

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Anthem Hack Renews Calls For Laws To Better Prevent Breaches

NPR News - Thu, 2015-02-05 12:52

Hackers gained access to records of 80 million Anthem customers and employees, the health insurance giant says. But how can the seemingly endless mega-hacks be prevented?

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