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The ROI of Olympics and other big civic events

Marketplace - American Public Media - Thu, 2015-01-08 02:00

The U.S. Olympic Committee meets Thursday and may decide which American city will move forward with a bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games. The finalists are Boston, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The costs of putting on an Olympiad are well known (the Sochi winter games cost more than $50 billion in total), but what kinds of civic events are actually money-makers for cities? Super bowls? Political conventions? What gives the best return on investment?

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Another Deadly Shooting In Paris Rattles Tense Residents

NPR News - Thu, 2015-01-08 01:20

A police officer and a street sweeper were shot on Thursday, a day after masked gunmen stormed the offices of a satirical newspaper and killed 12 people. A Police union official says the officer died.

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Environmentalists Push To Keep Canadian Crude In The Ground

NPR News - Thu, 2015-01-08 01:01

Many groups that oppose the Keystone XL pipeline also want, more broadly, to stop pollution-heavy extraction of crude from Canada's oil sands. They point to canceled or delayed projects as success.

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'Charlie Hebdo' Laughed In The Face Of Violence; Will Future Satirists?

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 23:43

The French magazine responded to the firebombing of its offices with a cover that showed a Muslim and an editor making out. Its lead editor, described by a peer as fearless, was killed Wednesday.

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Can Connecticut Force A Teenage Girl To Undergo Chemotherapy?

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 23:18

A 17-year-old says she doesn't want to undergo treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma, but her doctors and the state say she will die without it. The Connecticut Supreme Court is hearing the case.

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Specialists Split Over HPV Test's Role In Cancer Screening

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 23:17

An HPV test could replace the Pap smear for many women, two groups of physicians say. But other doctors, including the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, still urge dual testing.

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Two Suspected Gunmen In 'Charlie Hebdo' Attack Remain At Large

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 17:56

In the wake of the brazen attack that killed at least 12 people, police identified two central suspects: brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi. A third suspect turned himself in late Wednesday.

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Judge Maintains Gag Order In Coal Mine Disaster Trial

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 16:44

The federal judge rejected motions by NPR and other news organizations to allow lawyers and others involved to talk about the case. The judge has also restricted access to court documents.

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Bite Back At Bad Cholesterol: Eat An Avocado A Day

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 14:25

Researchers have long known that avocados have "good" fats. But they didn't know if daily avocado consumption might affect cardiovascular disease risk factors. So they designed a study to find out.

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Kirby Delauter, Who Didn't Want His Name In A News Story, Apologizes

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 14:05

The Frederick County, Md., council member was the subject of a tongue-in-cheek editorial by the Frederick News-Post after he said the newspaper couldn't use his name in a story without permission.

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Remembering 'Generation Mex' Writer And Proud Outsider Michele Serros

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 14:02

Serros wrote about being a bicultural Chicana who was influenced by both her working-class, Mexican-American heritage and Southern California pop culture. She died Sunday at the age of 48.

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A Plan To Put Your Driver's License On Your Phone

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 13:46

Smartphone and registration, please. Iowa is developing an app that would allow drivers to access a digitally encoded license instead of a conventional plastic ID card.

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Undue Burden In Texas At Issue In Federal Court

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 13:46

Opening arguments began Wednesday in the case against the Texas law requiring abortion clinics to meet the standards of ambulatory surgery centers.

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When It Comes To Smartphones, Are Americans Dumb?

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 13:11

If you paid top dollar for a top phone, Asian vendors at the International Consumer Electronics Show have a message: You paid for a brand, not quality. And this year, they want to sell to you.

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'Charlie Hedbo' A Provocateur, Challenging Status Quo

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 12:58

Melissa Block speaks with New Yorker editor Francoise Mouly about the French satirical magazine Charlie Hedbo and the larger landscape of satirical publications in France.

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Brain Scans May Help Predict Future Problems, And Solutions

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 12:56

Brain imagery can help researchers tell if people are more likely to be able to quit smoking or have trouble with reading. But those tests aren't yet ready for the doctor's office or classroom.

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Sorry, No Space Heaters: Hawaii Copes With Record Cold

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 12:50

As temperatures hit the 50s, some stores sold out of space heaters. Some residents turned to blankets, layers of heavy clothes and thermal socks to stay warm.

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White House: Paris Attack An Evolution Of Terror Threat

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 12:33

In a statement on Wednesday, President Obama pledged support for the French authorities after the terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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French Media, Public Rally Behind 'Charlie Hebdo'

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 12:26

Three major media groups said they would lend staff and equipment to ensure the satirical magazine can continue publication after a deadly attack on its offices in Paris.

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Cape Cod's Offshore Wind Project In Jeopardy

NPR News - Wed, 2015-01-07 12:22

A controversial offshore wind project under development in Cape Cod has lost both of the buyers for its power. Without financing, Cape Wind is missing deadlines to deliver.

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