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Holder Orders Equal Treatment For Married Same-Sex Couples

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 09:19

The attorney general has ordered "full and equal protection" for such couples, a move that has far-reaching repercussions for how they're treated in federal proceedings.

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French Court Orders Google To Display Notice On Its Search Page

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 08:35

The Internet giant has been ordered to publish a public notice that it violated French regulations on user privacy and was ordered to pay a $200,000 fine.

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Is Early Sochi Criticism Par For The Course?

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 07:52

The Sochi Olympics have been criticized for poor preparation, security concerns, and Russia's policies on human and animal rights. The Russians aren't pleased. But host-bashing is a popular pastime.

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Is Early Sochi Criticism Par For The Course?

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 07:52

The Sochi Olympics have been criticized for poor preparation, security concerns, and Russia's policies on human and animal rights. The Russians aren't pleased. But host-bashing is a popular pastime.

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Panama Canal Expansion Suspended Over Cost-Overrun Dispute

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 07:23

A Spanish-led consortium working to build a new lock system to accommodate larger ships says it will stop work until a deal is reached.

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Sochi An Olympic Spectacle Even Without The Games

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 07:02

What a week in Sochi, Russia! NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Olympics correspondent Tamara Keith about the ill-fated opening ceremony, stray dogs and bad hotel rooms, as well as who won the first gold medal.

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MLB All-Stars And Alex Rodriguez's Ban: The Week In Sports

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:59

Alex Rodriguez has accepted his season-long ban from baseball and dropped his lawsuits against the MLB and the Players Association. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Howard Bryant of and ESPN the Magazine about one of baseball's greatest and most infamous players.

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Declining Drone Strikes Give Cover To Pakistan's Peace Talks

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:55

Talks are underway between representatives of the Taliban and Pakistan's government. Meanwhile, the U.S. appears to have slowed the pace of drone attacks on Pakistan, which may be intended to allow Islamabad to pursue these peace talks. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Shuja Nawaz, the director of the South Asia Center at the Atlantic Council.

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Secret Message In An Econ Textbook, Finally Decoded

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:52

A curious series of hieroglyphics appears in the first pages of the classic 1984 textbook, Lectures on Macroeconomics. Recently experts decoded the symbols and were surprised to find a poem. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with the book's co-author, Olivier Blanchard, and his daughter, Serena. Ms. Blanchard was just 8 years old when she wrote the verse that has puzzled economics students for generations.

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Found: The First Porsche — And It Was Electric!

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:51

The very first car developed by Ferdinand Porsche was not a sleek speed machine. The wooden-framed, open-carriage P1 was recently unearthed in a garage in Austria where it sat for more than 100 years. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Achim Stejskal, director of the Porsche Museum about the surprising find.

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Montana Ranchers Learn Ways To Live With Wolves

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:50

Gray wolves are a controversial and polarizing animal in much of the American West. Wolves have slowly come back from extinction, forcing people to learn how to coexist with the cunning predator. One farmer is teaching his cattle to huddle together as bison do when threatened — there is safety in numbers.

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Princess Scandal Shakes Spain's Support For Its Monarchy

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:47

A Spanish princess will appear in court Saturday to face charges of tax fraud and money laundering. It's the first time a Spanish royal has ever been tried in a criminal case. From Madrid, reporter Lauren Frayer talks to NPR's Scott Simon about the latest in a series of scandals that have sent the royal family's approval rating to an all-time low.

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UN: Civilian Casualities Rise In Afghanistan

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:46

The United Nations has just released a grim report on civilian casualties in Afghanistan over the last year. Casualties rose 14 percent in 2013, with nearly 3,000 people killed and more than 5,500 injured.

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Millenials Happy To Stay With Mom And Dad

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:45

More people in their late 20s are living at home with Mom and Dad than any previous generation. In a column for Bloomberg News, Zara Kessler argues that faced with a dismal economy, today's 20-somethings are redefining success in adulthood. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Kessler about the cultural shift.

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January Job Growth Disappoints, But Unemployment Drops

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 06:44

The U.S. added just 113,000 jobs in January, instead of the 180,000 analysts had predicted. Despite the anemic gains, the unemployment rate inched down to 6.6 percent, the lowest level since October 2008.

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First Gold Medal Goes to an American

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 05:54

Slopestyle snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg has won the first gold medal in the Sochi Olympics, as the American women's ice hockey team gets off to a good start.

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A Possible Explanation For How U.S. Diplomat's Call Was Tapped

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 05:27

Victoria Nuland, a top State Department official, thought she was having a private conversation. But someone else was listening, and her undiplomatic remarks were leaked online. This is how it may have happened.

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3 Things To Know About The Looming Debt Ceiling Showdown

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 05:20

Treasury says it's got enough cash on hand to last only until Feb. 27, so Congress has less than three weeks to act to stave off default.

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Bidding Starts Early For Site Of Obama's Future Library

NPR News - Sat, 2014-02-08 03:05

The Barack H. Obama Foundation launched this week, with the goal of raising millions of dollars to fund the 44th president's library and museum. The politics of picking a city for the venture, however, makes fundraising look easy.

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Why moving to all-cash can cost you

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2014-02-07 17:35

First there was Target, then Neiman Marcus, then White Lodging, which maintains some major hotel franchises. Consumer data breaches at these companies left millions of us vulnerable to identity theft.

With our cards at risk, is the safe bet to switch to cash?

Some say yes, Rob Wile says no. He's an energy and economics reporter for Business Insider, and he recently wrote a piece that highlighted 13 reasons "Why Cash Is Bad."

#2 Cash is inconvenient

On average, the Tufts researchers found, Americans waste 28 minutes a month traveling to an ATM, or 5.6 hours a year. Much of that time would likely have been spent on leisure. But at the mean wage, that means $31 billion lost annually. "...It is indicative of just how much time in the aggregate is spent managing currency," the Tufts professors write.

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