Sugt'stun Word of the Week - October 21, 2018

Oct 21, 2018
Guttorm Flatabø Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Ip'ut  -  Sea snail

Ip'ut piturnairlartut qaigyam uquanek pilirua.

The sea snails are tasty with seal oil.

Courtesy of Kenai Peninsula Borough

Hilcorp Alaska is applying for an underground oil and gas lease for five parcels of Kenai Peninsula Borough land in Anchor Point.

Marcus Mueller is the borough’s land management officer. He said Hilcorp is proposing to lease roughly 20 acres in the area.

“Those parcels include the Anchor Point Solid Waste site, which is about 15 acres so that's the biggest area in the mix,” he said. “Also the Anchor Point Fire Department which is a small parcel of land, and there's a couple of miscellaneous other parcels in that area--all about a mile or two from Anchor Point proper.”

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

With state elections little over two weeks away and early voting starting Monday, candidates are making their final pitches to voters. KBBI’s Aaron Bolton caught up with House District 31 incumbent Paul Seaton to talk about how he’s speaking to voters about the state’s budget gap, broad-based taxes and crime.

Seaton is facing Republican candidate Sarah Vance. KBBI has reached out to Vance for an interview. We’re still waiting to hear back. Election Day is on Nov. 6.

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is seeing more students flagged for risk of suicide. Clayton Holland is the director of pupil services for the district, and he said more students are coming forward who are considering suicide. Students’ peers, school staff and community members are also identifying more students who they think may be at risk.

Once a student comes forward, a school psychologist, counselor, nurse or occasionally a school administrator will administer a suicide threat assessment to see how high the student’s risk is.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect comments from Brian Bell’s attorney Paul Stockler.

An administrative law judge has ruled in favor of an Anchorage whistleblower who claims that Bald Mountain Air Service based in Homer fired him after he reported several safety issues to the Federal Aviation Administration. However, the airliner plans to appeal the ruling.

U.S. Department of Labor Administrative Law Judge Scott R. Morris issued the 72-page ruling on Oct. 10.

Check the Pantry Episode 2 - Pork Shoulder

Oct 18, 2018
Jeff Lockwood

Host Jeff Lockwood and head chef of AJ's Steakhouse John Brown talk pork shoulder, from making fresh sausage to Southern barbecue to sous vide.  Plus, Skip Clary talks about the 2014 Pinnacoli Primitivo di Manduria and why it works with smoky pork.   Recorded at Station Twelve and at the KBBI studios in Homer, Alaska on October 18, 2018.   

Courtesy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough

This week on the Coffee Table: what's next for the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly. Assembly members Willy Dunne and Kelly Cooper join KBBI’s Renee Gross to talk about changing the invocation policy, the borough budget and the Kachemak Selo school.  

Photo by Aaron Bolton

House District 31 candidates squared off for the first time  Wednesday at the Kachemak Board of Realtors Public Forum. Incumbent Paul Seaton and candidate Sarah Vance answered questions on everything from the state budget to the environment.

Seaton says one of his major priorities is fixing the state deficit through reforming the state’s current oil tax credit system and creating more revenue.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

The Alaska Board of Fisheries’ agenda was packed with hatchery issues Tuesday.

Board members considered putting some issues on future agendas, but they also held a public forum on the broader state of hatcheries following a lengthy report from Alaska Department of Fish and Game staff.

Some board members expressed interest in taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to increasing hatchery production.

Photo KBBI Database

A request asking the Alaska Board of Fisheries to consider prohibiting fishing in the Homer Spit Marine Terminal Barge Basin did not move forward on Monday.

Homer Spit Properties asked the board to consider placing the topic on a future agenda. According to the Kenai Peninsula Parcel Viewer, Homer Spit Properties owns the land surrounding the basin and the basin bottom. It also owns the Heritage RV Park and land to the northeast of the basin.


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