KBBI’s Vinyl & CD SALE

Thursday, 3/26: 3-6 pm (KBBI Members Only) &

Friday, 3/27: 9-7 pm (Open to the Public)

Hundreds of Newly Acquired LPs

Plus Howard Hedges’ LP collection (first time it is open to the public)

CDs and other neat broadcasting items

Classical, Rock, Pop, Indie, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Country, Folk, Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop & more

Please - no calls and no previews.  3913 Kachemak Way.

Get your Message Heard

If your business, professional practice or organization wants to get your message heard, consider KBBI's audience. KBBI listeners are engaged, passionate and take action. Spread the word about your business and programs while letting the community know you support quality programming and local news. KBBI offers a clutter free environment with short and concise messages.

Partner with a trustworthy institution that has been serving this community for 35 years. Click here for more information about on-air announcements on KBBI AM 890 or call Rose at 235-7721 x 224; email her at development at kbbi.org.