Courtesy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

The 2018 school counselor of the year award went to a traveling counselor on the Southern Kenai Peninsula. The Alaska School Counselor Association honored Natali Jones last week.

“At the Alaska School Counselor conference, I found out that I had won," she said. "I was looking at the big screen and I see one my principals, Joshua Hinds, on there, and I instantly knew. So, I kind of got a quivering lip and started to cry, but joyful tears. It was really exciting.”

Alaska State Troopers

A Kachemak Bay teenager could face criminal charges for allegedly sending nude photos of himself to his classmates on social media. The 15-year-old boy had allegedly requested naked pictures from fellow students living in Port Graham as well. Roughly 250 people live in the small roadless village nearly 20 miles from Homer.

A trooper dispatch posted Sunday said school district officials alerted authorities about the photos on Oct. 3. It's unclear how many students were involved.

Sugt'stun Word of the Week Nov. 18, 2018

Nov 19, 2018

Qayu ai   -  Sure uh  (expression)

Qayu ai, Apaam ing’iq mayullruuga.

Isn’t it so? (Sure uh)
Grandpa has climbed the mountain before.

Shahla Farzan / KBBI

It’s been nearly two years since the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska sued the Kenai Peninsula Borough over a restrictive invocation policy the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly implemented in 2016 following a contentious invocation.

Courtesy of the Homer Police Department

A driver hit a pedestrian in Homer Wednesday as they used a crosswalk near the intersection of Kachemak Way and Pioneer Avenue. Homer police say the pedestrian, Agnieszka Smerecka, did not suffer any injuries. According to police, the driver, Tiyana Hill, said the sun was in her eyes and she simply did not see Smerecka. Officers responded to the scene and Smerecka was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

Officers cited Hill for failing to provide insurance and the case is under review. Police could cite Hill for additional driving violations.

Daysha Eaton, KBBI News

Nanwalek children went back to school Thursday after a water main broke in the village. That left the school without water, leading it to close for three days. John Kvasnikoff is the chief of Nanwalek, and he said once residents noticed signs of the break late last week, the village maintenance professional addressed it quickly.

“He turned off the water so it doesn’t drain our tank because a leak like that, if it goes unnoticed for a very long time, it’ll drain our whole tank,” he said.  “We have two tanks for the village and our little dam… so it doesn't take long to use it up.”

Check the Pantry Episode 6 - Oysters

Nov 15, 2018
Pacific Oyster
David Monniaux / Wikimedia

Join Jeff Lockwood and chef/owner of Fresh Catch Cafe Harrison McHenry for a talk about oysters, both the raw and the cooked. Weatherly Bates tells us how oysters are farmed in Kachemak Bay, and Skip Clary and Andy Kita discuss Murphy's Irish Stout, a classic with oysters.  Recorded at Station Twelve and at the studios of KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska on 11/15/18.

Courtesy of the Alaska SeaLife Center

A sick harbor seal was rehabilitated and released back into Kachemak Bay earlier this month. Bystanders first spotted the harbor seal, eventually named Hubbard, by a donor to the Alaska SeaLife Center, on the Clam Gulch beach. The roughly two-month-old seal was very thin and wasn’t using his right flipper. Alaska SeaLife Center volunteer Marc Webber and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Intern Allison Kintner along with several Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge interns, transported Hubbard to Soldotna, where he was met by the center’s Wildlife Response Team.

For those interested in influencing future management plan of both the Kachemak Bay State and Wilderness parks as well as state recreation areas on the southern Kenai Peninsula, the deadline to comment on the draft plan is Friday. The plan will shape recreation and commercial uses in the parks over the next 20 years.

The draft plan covers everything from proposals for more trails and public-use cabins to answering contentious questions surrounding the use of jet skis and heli-skiing operations in the park.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Today on the Coffee Table, we're talking about the Kachemak Bay State Park draft management plan. The public comment period on the plan ends Friday at 11:59 p.m. KBBI News Director Aaron Bolton speaks with DNR spokesperson Monica Alvarez, Robert Archibald who sits on both the Kachemak Bay State Park Citizen Advisory and Friends of Kachemak Bay State Park boards, and True North Adventures guiding business owner Alison O’Hara. 


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